About Us

Eagle Reclaimed Lumber specializes in recovering wood from old barns, houses and other antique structures. This operation yields a wide variety of woods which can be transformed into flooring, wall and ceiling board, doors, mantels, farm tables, other custom furniture and crafts. This lumber creates one of a kind artwork and brings intriguing history and rare uniqueness to wherever it is used. It shows character from saw marks, worm holes and other age marks. All of our products express great quality, seeing that they have withstood various weather conditions throughout their lives thus far, and will continue to last for generations to come.


Located in Rockvale, Tennessee, we work throughout the southeastern US recovering structures that contain oak, heart of pine, southern yellow pine, chestnut, heart poplar and other species of wood, and we bring them back to a usable product. Owner and company president Michael Watson brings over 30 years of environmental and conservation experience to the venture. Please call us at 615-624-8238 for availability and pricing or to discuss your specific needs.

Additionally, we are always looking for old barns and structures to dismantle and remove to help clear your property. If you have a structure that you feel we would be interested in, give us a call!


Kiln Treating * Custom Millwork * Custom Iron Work * Reclaiming Wood


Phone: 615-624-8238
Email: eaglereclaimedlumber@gmail.com
Address: 9275 Patterson Road
Rockvale, TN 37153
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm and Saturday by appointment only and Closed daily 12-1pm for lunch